• Awaken To Your Soul's True Nature With Spirit Tours!

    Awaken To Your Soul's True Nature With Spirit Tours!

    Punaka, Bhutan

  • We are One

    We are One

    South Island, New Zealand
  • Be the Experience not the Tourist!

    Be the Experience not the Tourist!

    Sedona, Arizona

  • Personable Spiritual Retreats, Travel with our Family!

    Personable Spiritual Retreats, Travel with our Family!

    Machu Picchu, Peru 

  • Awaken To Your Soul's True Nature With Spirit Tours!

    Awaken To Your Soul's True Nature With Spirit Tours!


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Why Travel with Spirit Tours

The word spirit comes from the Latin spiritus, meaning breath. Indeed, spirit is as vital as the breath. Just as the body needs food and the mind needs stimulation, the spirit needs nourishment. Travel feeds the soul, as it is an inward and outward journey we take towards being a more complete and balanced person.  Yet, travel without experiencing the breath and spirit of the destinations we visit, is like eating without tasting.  On our tours we hold sacred space that allows for spirit to manifest in the lives of our travelers.  Join us on one of our Spirit Tours to enrich the essence of your being! 

Our Spiritual Destinations

Client’s Testimonials

  • SPIRIT TOURS is absolutely the BEST!!! I am so grateful to have been a part of their wonderful tour in Italy (May 2017). A huge 'thank you' to Gitana, Zack, Dr. Chris Michaels, our very passionate guides and all the awesome adventurers for a truly unforgettable trip! Every single detail was handled with expertise attention. We experienced authentic Italian character in our hotels in Rome and Florence and our eyes feasted on glorious Roman history and culture while our palates enjoyed delicious food, wine and gelato! I haven't stop smiling :-) THANK YOU SPIRIT TOURS…… I will see you in Greece in 2019!
    Susan Robison

    Susan Robison

  • Our community trip to Bali was spiritually enlightening, personally nourishing, and perfectly orchestrated. We had wonderful places to stay, amazing sacred sites to visit, and awesome cultural experiences. Thank you, Jim and to your team, for making it so easy and effortless for us. I can’t wait for our Community to travel with you again!

    Susan Robison

    Rev. Dr. Petra Weldes, Center for Spiritual Living, Dallas, TX

  • The trip to Bali with my CSL family was truly the most enjoyable and impactful vacation of my life. The highlight of the Bali adventure for me were the actual Temple tours.  Knowing that we were the only non-Balinese group allowed to pray at Tanahlot, because of Jim’s reputation and relationships, was such an honor.  It’s two weeks later and I’m still wearing the “Trinity Yarn” on my wrist.  I plan on wearing this until it simply falls off on its own accord as a reminder of the precious gift life is.  I can’t say enough about my experience with Spirit Tours.  You treated us like family, and I will never forget it.  Thank you!

    Susan Robison

    Cynthia Ferguson

  • "We all bond and become family and make friends for life"
    Susan Robison

    Chris Mead

  • My trip to Bali, under the organization, guidance, support, knowledge, and hospitality of Spirit Tours (Jim, Gitana, Ariana, and Will) along with the other travelers from CSL was a true blessing.  I so enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to experience a new culture and infuse it with our Spiritual practices.  It was an atmosphere of love, connection, fun, adventure, laughter, pampering, acceptance, and great food.  Thank you to everyone who made the trip and the memories possible!  I look forward to future trips . . .   :) With Gratitude and Love,

    Susan Robison

    Doreen DeRose

  • It was our pleasure to work with a company that promotes positive growth and gives back to communities around the world. It was also great to work with the amazing crew, you guys rocked in Bali. "Catologe Phoot Shoot, Bali Spring 2014" 

    Susan Robison

    prAna Yoga Team

  • This trip has been incredible. Africa was amazing, we had the best guide, even got to see a leopard take down an impala, more zen than I ever would have imagined. Wow!" 

    Susan Robison

    Marianne Murry