Be Inspired

Be Inspired

Spirit Tours believes we are part of a web of life in which all is sacred! Our motto is "We are All One". We feel there is one Presence "A divine life essense, the one indwelling consciousness or spirit in every creature and life form." ~Eckhart Tolle. There are many ways to access that Presence: through Meditation, Prayer, Yoga, Qi Qong, Dance, Music, Song Chanting, Mantra or a method that calls to you. Spiritual Journeys are also a way to allow this Presence to manifest in your life. Travel opens up the opportunity to live in the moment, to surrender to the unknown and to open up the heart and mind to new ways of seeing the world. Spiritual journeys are a great way to share that "Oneness" with fellow tour members and people of different lands. Returning home we are inspired to share these insights and this "Presence" with family and friends. This is the greatest souvenir you could bring them. "Wandering establishes the original harmony which existed between man and the Universe" Anatole France


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