Australia & New Zealand - Spirit Of the Nature


Destination Highlights

  • Overnight Cruise on the Milford Sound
  • Four nights exploring Queenstown district on the South Island
  • Stay in the capital of Australia, Sydney
  • Wonder the Streets of Sydney's famous districts
  • Two nights in the World Heritage site of the Blue Mountain Range
  • 2 Days experiencing Aboriginal cultural heritage in the Blue Mountain's

Experience the refreshing, pristine air, water and land of the Down Under, Australia & New Zealand. With its size slightly larger and population similiar to the state of Oregon, there are vast areas of land untouched by human hands. The On the South Island of New Zealand the southerlies blow from the South Pole and purify the air. In Australia we will explore the world famous city of Sydney and sit and walk Aboriginal people in the Blue Mountain Range. The atmosphere in this region of the southern hemisphere is like no other place in the world. By just experiencing the people, its culture and you will understand why Australian & New Zealanders rarely move away from their native land.

Australia & New Zealand - Spirit Of the Nature

  • November 6th , 2018 to November 16th , 2018
  • Spirit of New Zealand
  • Journey with Spirit Tours staff to Australia and New Zealand. This trip will explore the New South Wells, Australia, The Queenstown area and Milford Sound of the South Islands, New Zealand. Experience optional guided meditations, take nature hikes (Bush Walks), spend the night on Milford Sound, stay in Queenstown, visit local farmers markets, Be guided through the Blue Mountain Range by an Aboriginal cultural expert, journey through Sydney just to name a few. This itinerary was created by Spirit Tours staff, James Cramer and Timothy Omi who both lived there for a short time.

    Level of Difficulty: Moderate to Medium 

    Price$3,849.00 (Land Only & Inner Island Flight)

  • Spaces left for the tour: 10