France - A Spiritual Pilgrimage


Unique and Exclusive Spiritual Tour to the South of France

Destination Highlights
  •  9 Nights Hotel with daily breakfast and two dinners and two lunches $3189
  •  Daily tours with author Janet Pullen
  • Flight from Paris to Toulouse to Paris
  • Stay in the city of Toulouse (see Basilica Dourade) and the statue of the black virgin
  • Stay in Caracassonne (the largest and best preserved medieval city in the world) 
  •  Visit the Minerve Abbey of Frontfroid and the Abbey of Lagrasse
  • Explore the village of Rennes Le Chateau and town of Alet les Bains and the town of Albi which houses the Toulouse- Lautrec Museum.

This is an opportunity to drift back in time, outside the ordinary into the deep waters of an ancient underground stream of Spirit. It is an opportunity to relax, renew and resurrect new levels of consciousness.

France - A Spiritual Pilgrimage

  • May 7th , 2018 to May 17th , 2018
  • France - With Author Janet Pullen
  • Join Author Janet Pullen for a unique and exclusive spiritual tour to the South of France and explore the mysteries of the Cathars of Monsegur. This is an invitation to drift back in time with your spiritual community to this profound and ancient tradition. Our journey, led by the author, Janet Pullen, will take us deep into a land of the ancient Celts, the heretic Cathar, the troubadour poets, the Knights Templar and those following in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene. We will experience the sacred power sites that have for centuries attracted mystics, magicians, and saints, all those who seek, le Sang Raal, the Holy Grail.

    Cost: $3,189.00 (Land only, Double Occupancy)

  • Spaces left for the tour: 16